• Power distribution equipment under 600 volts (low-voltage) including switchboards, panelboards, motor control centers, transformers and switches
  • Power distribution equipment over 600 volts (medium-voltage) including switchgear, motor control, transformers and switches
  • Industrial control and utilization equipment including industrial control panels, factory automation equipment, industrial process equipment, motor operated tools and machinery such as air compressors, pumps, etc.
  • Commercial utilization equipment and appliances including commercial cooking equipment, motor operated commercial cooking equipment, refrigeration and cooling equipment, heating equipment, laundry and dry cleaning equipment, HVAC units, fan units
  • Luminaries (lighting fixtures) and signs including neon, LED and messaging type signs
  • Medical and dental equipment – non patient contact *
  • Information technology equipment including UPS systems, electronic control equipment
  • Hazardous location equipment that has listed components for the area or is purged, pressurized or ventilated in accordance with applicable national standards. (This excludes Class I Division 1 installations - please contact us for more assistance with these.)
  • Equipment installed in certain Hazardous Locations¹

* Excludes equipment that contacts patients.

¹ Excluding Class I Division 1 installations, please contact us for more information.