Predictive maintenance is a window into the future of your equipment’s performance. We can help you identify when a failure may occur so you can plan an outage instead of dealing with an unexpected failure. This information is essential in making the best use of your maintenance dollars.


Infrared/thermography services are performed to detect trouble spots while equipment is energized enabling you to identify problems and take action before an unplanned outage occurs.

Oil Analysis

Oil analysis is conducted to evaluate the condition and identify properties essential to transformer oils. Tests may include dielectric strength, acidity, color, sediment, dissolved gas and water analysis.

Partial Discharge Testing & Monitoring Solutions

Partial discharge testing and monitoring solutions include both online and offline testing, as well as periodic and continuous monitoring of your electrical assets.


Ultrasonic testing finds leakage, signs of corrosion and other invisible problems within your electrical system before they become large, expensive ones, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.