Inspection Authorities Trust eti Conformity Services Labels. You Can Too.

As an accredited Field Evaluation Body, eti Conformity Services has met the rigorous requirements for personnel, procedures, test equipment, and competence to inspect and test unlisted electrical equipment.

We are trusted experts tasked with applying appropriate labels to equipment as dictated by the safety and performance standards of such organizations as the following:

Once equipment has been evaluated and verified to be in compliance with applicable requirements, the unit is labeled and a final report is issued detailing the assessment performed.

eti Conformity Services field evaluated labels can be found on thousands of pieces of equipment ranging from commercial refrigerators to printing presses to UPS systems and more.

Working with eti Conformity Services makes the process of getting final approval of equipment much smoother. Local jurisdictions know that if the eti Conformity Services field evaluated label is applied, the job was done right. Our label inspires confidence and assures others that the equipment was properly inspected and that any discrepancies have been corrected.