Employ Field Evaluations. Set the Standard.

eti Conformity Services product evaluations, also called field evaluations, are often requested when a local electrical inspector cannot determine the acceptability of an installation because the equipment is “unevaluated.”

This occurs when new products:

  • Do not have a recognized laboratory marking
  • Have been modified from the original manufactured product
  • Are used and are being relocated

Time is critical in these cases because inspectors usually require testing and safety evaluations prior to initial start-up.

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Once your unevaluated equipment and systems meet recognized product safety standards and are determined to be suitable for installation in the intended application, a label is applied.

An eti Conformity Services Evaluated label may also be applied at the point of manufacture, when custom-made or foreign-made equipment is being produced or modified for an unusual or unique process. The end users may opt to have eti Conformity Services, as a recognized third party, evaluate the product at the factory, on-site after installation, or both.

In either case, an eti Conformity Services Evaluated label applied to the equipment signifies that the product meets the essential requirements of the applicable product safety standard or applicable portions of several product safety standards where one single standard does not exist.