Check Code Compliance. Get It Done Right.

Owners, insurance companies, and end users initiate many calls for eti Code Compliance Evaluations. In addition to ensuring that electrical products meet industry standards, evaluations also do the following:

  • Determine if the installation was done properly
  • Ensure that products applied outside of their regular listings still meet the applicable codes, standards and safety orders for the installation

Fast and Knowledgeable

Those calling for code compliance evaluations recognize that eti Conformity Services provides prompt, efficient and reliable service.

eti Conformity Services engineers have a thorough knowledge of the following:

A Competitive Edge

eti Conformity Services engineers' mutual respect and close working relationships with state and local electrical inspectors helps ensure ready acceptance and avoids costly project delays. This, coupled with eti Conformity Services' extensive experience with total facility reliability and safety, gives you a competitive edge ensuring that your equipment operates as intended, right from the start.