Put Time on Your Side. Use eti Conformity Services.

Many organizations already embrace safety compliance and invest considerable resources in order to protect employees, the environment and the company as a whole. Not all testing companies have the competency or experience needed to help you protect this investment, but eti Conformity Services does.

By working with an accredited FEB that has an expansive network of highly trained, safety-certified technicians, organizations like yours, can eliminate the risk associated with malfunctioning or hazardous equipment.

eti Conformity Services can partner with you to ensure timely evaluation and recommend cost-effective issue resolution if needed. In addition to saving you time and money, the following factors should be considered when evaluating an FEB for a potential conformity project:

Objective and Unbiased

  • Independent, professional, third-party testing organization focused on conformity assessment services


  • Proper sample selection
  • Proper sample control/integrity requirements
  • Adequate and appropriate statistical methods


  • Well maintained and equipped facility
  • Qualified and trained staff
  • Appropriate quality system in place
  • Financial stability
  • Qualified technical supervision and management


  • Complete record keeping system with test data availability
  • Professional systems in place to deliver prompt service